Elevated Level of Prostate Specific Antigen Among Prostate Cancer Patients and High Prevalence in the Gangetic Zone of Bihar, India


Prostate cancer (CaP) is a common reproductive cancer among men. This study was conducted to correlatethe cancer incidence with Gangetic zone and to correlate the tumor marker prostate specific antigen (PSA) levelin serum with different age groups and stage of malignancy. Patients suffering from CaP in the pathology unitof Mahavir Cancer Sansthan (Hospital and Research Centre), Patna, Bihar, India were studied from June 2009to May 2010. PSA level in the serum of CaP patients was estimated by ELISA method. CaP incidence was highlyrecorded in Gangetic zone than the non-Gangetic zone. Maximum patients were in the 56 – 75 years age groupwith a marked predominance. Results of PSA examination showed that serum PSA level was not correlatingwith the age of patient and stage of malignancy. Significantly, elevated level of more than 10 ng/ml of PSA wasrecorded among the studied cancer patients. In this study, it is concluded that Gangetic zone habitat have highrisk of CaP and elevated level of PSA was marked in Bihar, India.