Diagnostic Utility of p63 (Ab-1) and (Ab-4) Tumor Markers in the Squamous Cell Carcinomas of Head and Neck


P63 is a gene product required in cell cycle regulation which plays vital roles in tumor differentiation. Aims of the present study were to assess the frequency, pattern, sensitivity and specificity of two p63 protein clones P63 4A4 and P63 4A4+Y4A3 in squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs). Thirty cases of head and neck region SCC diagnosed on the basis of H&E staining were examined along with 60 cases of head and neck region biopsies other than squamous cell carcinoma, negative on H&E staining, were taken as control. Immunostaining was performed on slides according to the Thermo Scientific UltraVision LP detection System. P63 4A4+Y4A3 clone is more sensitive 96.6% in comparison to 86% in P63 4A4 with having greater NPV of 98.3%. The results signify the importance of P63 4A4+Y4A3 marker over the old markers and may be used as a confirmatory marker of squamous cell carcinoma.