DLC-1 Expression Levels in Breast Cancer Assessed by qRTPCR are Negatively Associated with Malignancy


Objective: The aim of this study was to explore the expression of DLC-l in breast carcinoma and any associationwith tumor metastasis.
Methods: 51 surgical specimens of human breast carcinoma, divided into high invasiveand low invasive groups according to their clinicopathological features, 30 cases of adjacent normal tissue and 28benign breast lesions were examined by qRT-PCR for expression of DLC-1.
Results: Expression level of DLC-1 inadjacent normal tissue and benign breast lesion specimens was higher than that in breast carcinoma (P<0.0001);the values in the high invasive group with synchronous metastases were also lower than in the low invasive group(P=0.0275). The correlation between DLC-1 expression level and tumor progression and metastasis of breastcancer was negative.
Conclusion: As an anti-oncogene, DLC-1 could play an important part in breast carcinomaoccurrence, progression, invasiveness and metastasis. Detecting the changes of the expression of DLC-1 in thebreast carcinoma may contribute to earlier auxiliary diagnosis of invasiveness, metastasis and recrudescence.