Epidemiological Evaluation of Breast Cancer in Ecological areas of Kazakhstan - Association with Pollution Emissions


The aim of the research was to evaluate the incidence of breast cancer in the ecological areas of Kazakhstanand assess the potential . A retrospective study of 11 years (1999 to 2009) was conducted using descriptive andanalytical methods. The incidence of breast cancer was the lowest in the Aral-Syr Darya area (18.6±0.80/100,000),and highest in the Irtysh area (48.9±1.90/100,000), with an increasing trends over time in almost all areas. A directstrong correlation between the degree of contamination with high pollution emissions in the atmosphere fromstationary sources and the incidence of breast cancer (r=0.77±0.15; р=0.026). The results indicate an increasingimportance of breast cancer in Kazakhstan and an etiological role for environmental pollution.