Association Between C1019T Polymorphism in the Connexin 37 Gene and Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Patients with Gastric Cancer


Objective: To investigate the association between the connexin 37 C1019T polymorphism and Helicobacterpylori infection in patients with gastric cancer.
Methods: 388 patients with gastric cancer (GC), 204 with chronicsuperficial gastritis (CSG) were studied. H. pylori was detected by gastric mucosal biopsies biopsy dyeing method.Connexin 37 gene polymorphism 1019 site genotypes were determined by gene sequencing technology. Genotypesand alleles frequencies were compared.
Results: (1) Connexin37 gene 1019 site distribution frequency (CC type,TC type, TT type) in the CSG group was 18.1%, 45.1% and 36.8%; in the stomach cancer group it was 35.1%,45.9% and 19.%, conforming to the Hardy-Weinberg euilibrium. (2) In comparison with CSG group, thefrequency of Connexin37 C allele was higher in the gastric cancer group (58.0% vs 40.7%, OR = 2.01, 95%CI =1.58-2.57, P < 0.01). The prevalence of gastric cancer risk was significantly increased in the carriers of C allele(CC+TC) than in TT homozygote (OR = 2.47, 5%CI = 1.68- 3.610. (3) Gastric cancer patients complicated withHp infection 211 cases, gastric cancer group of the male patients with HP positive patients with 187 cases, 40cases of female patients with negative patients, 24 cases were HP positive, negative in 137 cases, control groupmale patients, 28 cases were Hp positive, negative in 95 patients, female patients with Hp positive 6 cases, 75cases were negative. On hierarchical analysis, the male group OR value was 15.9 (95%CI to 9.22-27.3), and thefemale OR was 2.19 (95%CI 0.88-5.59), indicating a greater contribution in males (P <0.01). After eliminationof gender effects, positive HP and gastric cancer were closely related (OR 8.82, 95% CI: 5.45-14.3). (4) Thedistribution frequency of C allele in patients with Hp infection was much higher than that in Hp negative casesin the GC group (64.5% vs 47.0%, OR = 2.05, 95%CI = 1.54-2.74, P < 0.01). Compared with TT homozygotes,(CC+TC) genotype prevalence of gastric cancer risk increased significantly (OR = 2.96, 5%CI = 1.76-2.99 ).
Conclusion: The T allele in the connexin37 gene might not only be associated with gastric cancer but also withH. pylori infection.