A Multi-center Survey of HPV Knowledge and Attitudes Toward HPV Vaccination among Women, Government Officials, and Medical Personnel in China


Objectives: To assess knowledge of HPV and attitudes towards HPV vaccination among the general femalepopulation, government officials, and healthcare providers in China to assist the development of an effectivenational HPV vaccination program.
Methods: A cross-sectional epidemiologic survey was conducted across 21urban and rural sites in China using a short questionnaire. 763 government officials, 760 healthcare providers,and 11,681 women aged 15-59 years were included in the final analysis. Data were analyzed using standarddescriptive statistics and logistic regression.
Results: Knowledge of HPV among the general female populationwas low; only 24% had heard of HPV. Less than 20% of healthcare providers recognized sexually naïve womenas the most appropriate population for HPV vaccination. There was high acceptance of the HPV vaccine for allcategories of respondents. Only 6% of women were willing to pay more than US $300 for the vaccine.
Conclusions:Aggressive education is necessary to increase knowledge of HPV and its vaccine. Further proof of vaccine safetyand efficacy and government subsidies combined with increased awareness could facilitate development andimplementation of HPV vaccination in China.