Lack of Significance of the BRCA2 Promoter Methylation Status in Different Genotypes of the MTHFR a1298c Polymorphism in Ovarian Cancer Cases in Iran


Objective: Promoter methylation, which can be regulated by MTHFR activity, is associated with silencingof genes. In this study we evaluated the methylation status (type) of the BRCA2 promoter in ovarian cancerpatients carrying different genotypes of the MTHFR gene (A or C polymorphisms at position 1298).
Methods:The methylation type of the BRCA2 promoter was evaluated using bisulfate-modified DNA in methylationspecificPCR and the MTHFRa1278c polymorphism was assessed by PCR-RFLP.
Results: Analysis of theBRCA2 promoter methylation type of cases showed that 7 out of 60 cases (11.7%) were methylated while theremaining 53 (88.3%) were unmethylated. In methylated cases, one out of the 7 cases had a CC genotype andthe remaining 6 methylated cases had an AC genotype. The AA genotype was absent. In unmethylated cases,34, 18, and one out of these had AC, AA and CC genotype, respectively.
Conclusion: There was no significantrelationship between the methylation types of the BRCA2 promoter in different genotypes of MTHFRa1298cpolymorphism in ovarian cancer; p=0.255. There was no significant relation between the methylation types ofthe BRCA2 promoter in different genotypes of the MTHFRa1298c polymorphism in ovarian cancer.