RNA Interference as a Plausible Anticancer Therapeutic Tool


RNA interference has created a breakthrough in gene silencing technology and there is now much debate onthe successful usage of RNAi based methods in treating a number of debilitating diseases. Cancer is often regardedas a result of mutations in genomic DNA resulting in faulty gene expression. The occurrence of cancer can alsobe influenced by epigenetic irregularities in the chromatin structure which leads to alterations and mutations inDNA resulting in cancer cell formation. A number of therapeutic approaches have been put forth to treat cancer.Anti cancer therapy often involves chemotherapy targeting all the cells in common, whereby both cancer cellsas well as normal cells get affected. Hence RNAi technology has potential to be a better therapeutic agent as itis possible to deactivate molecular targets like specific mutant genes. This review highlights the successful useof RNAi inducers against different types of cancer, thereby paving the way for specific therapeutic medicines.