Association of the PSCA rs2294008 C>T Polymorphism with Gastric Cancer Risk: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis


Background: Multiple studies have reported associations between the PSCA rs2294008 C > T polymorphismand GC, but susceptibility has proven inconsistent. Therefore, we estimates the relationship between the rs2294008C > T polymorphism and GC by meta-analysis.
Methods: PubMed, Embase and Web of Science databases weresearched and nine independent case-control studies were included in this meta- analysis. Crude ORs with 95%CIs were extracted according to the Mantal-Haenszel method and pooled to assess the strength of the association.
Results: We observed that the PSCA rs2294008 C > T polymorphism was significantly correlated with GC riskwhen all studies were pooled into the meta-analysis. Further subgroup analysis showed the polymorphism to belinked with diffuse and noncardia GC in the allele contrast model, homozygote codominant model, dominantmodel, and recessive model. However, no connection was apparent for intestinal and cardia GC. In the stratifiedanalysis by ethnicity, significant associations were observed in Asians for the recessive model. Interestingly, therelationship was particularly significant in the Chinese population.
Conclusions: Our findings suggest that thePSCA rs2294008 C > T polymorphism is a risk factor for GC, especially in diffuse and noncardia GC and inChinese.