Cervical Cancer in Morocco: Epidemiological Profile from Two Main Oncological Centers


Background: In Morocco, the epidemiological profile of cervical cancer is not well established. The focus ofthe present study was both epidemiological and pathological characteristics.
Methods: For all cases of cervicalcancer treated between 2003 and 2007 in the National Institute of Oncology and the Oncology Department ofthe IbnRochd hospital (Casablanca), 900 cases were randomly selected.
Results: The mean age was 52.1±11.8years. The most (90.5%) represented histological type was squamous cell carcinoma. For more than 57.0% casesthe mean distance between patient’s origin and center of treatment was greater than 100km. According to theFIGO classification, only 17.2% of patients were identified as being in early stages (0 and I). For 72.2% patientsthe follow-up did not exceed 2 years. At 1 year of following-up 55.8% of patients were alive and 43.4% were lostto following-up.
Conclusion: Our study addressed the issue of the burden of cervical cancer in Morocco. Theresult provides a basis for decision-makers for the development of strategic measures to implement the fightagainst cervical cancer in Morocco.