Functional Analysis of B7-H3 in Colonic Carcinoma Cells


B7-H3 is a newly discovered member of the B7/CD28 superfamily which functions as an important T-cellimmune molecule. It has been reported recently that B7-H3 is highly expressed in many cancer cells, the dataindicating that it may be a regulation factor contributing to tumor-resistance. In our study, we used bioinformaticsto identify differentially expressed genes between colonic cancer cells and normal colonic cells, aiming to analyzemechanisms and identify sub-pathways closely related to progression, with the final aim of finding small moleculedrugs which might interfere this progression. We found that ajmaline is one related factor which may enhanceself-immunity in colon carcinoma therapy and B7-H3 plays important roles with regard to immunoreactions ofcolonic cancer cells. All the results indicate that H7-B3 is a favorable prognostic biomarker for colon carcinomas,providing novel information regarding likely targets for intervention.