Contribution of RIZ1 to Regulation of Proliferation and Migration of a Liver Fluke-Related Cholangiocarcinoma Cell


Purpose: Retinoblastoma-interacting zinc finger gene (RIZ1) is a tumor suppressor gene which is highlyinactivated by promoter hypermethylation in patients with liver fluke-related cholangiocarcinoma (CCA).Epigenetic aberration of this gene might withdraw the ability to restrain tumor cell proliferation and migration.We aimed to define the role of RIZ1 on cell proliferation and migration in CCA cell line. Materials and methods:Small interference RNA (siRNA) was used to knock down the expression of RIZ1 in a CCA-derived cell linein which cell proliferation and cell migration were performed.
Results: A predominant nuclear localization ofRIZ1 was observed. Reduction of RIZ1 by siRNA augmented cell proliferation and migration.
Conclusion: Theresult suggested that RIZ1 might play a role in regulating cell proliferation and migration in CCA. Reductionof RIZ1 expression may aggravate the progression of CCA.