Current Status of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) and Screening for Cervical Cancer in Countries at Different Levels of Development


Cancer of the uterine cervix is a worldwide menace taking innumerable womens’ lives. The literature is vastand a large number of studies have been conducted in this field. Analyses have shown significant differencesexist in terms of screening and HPV testing facilities among high income and low to middle income countries. Inaddition, acute lack of awareness and knowledge among the concerned population is particularly noted in ruralareas of the low income countries. A detailed review of Indian case studies revealed that early age of marriageand childbirth, multiparity, poor personal hygiene and low socio-economic status among others are the principalrisk factors for this disease. This review concludes that a two pronged strategy involving strong government andNGO action is necessary to minimize the occurrence of cervical cancer especially in low and medium incomecountries.