Comparison of Teaching about Breast Cancer via Mobile or Traditional Learning Methods in Gynecology Residents


Introduction: Mobile learning enables users to interact with educational resources while in variable locations.Medical students in residency positions need to assimilate considerable knowledge besides their practical trainingand we therefore aimed to evaluate the impact of using short message service via cell phone as a learning toolin residents of Obstetrics and Gynecology in our hospital.
Methods: We sent short messages including dataabout breast cancer to the cell phones of 25 residents of gynecology and obstetrics and asked them to study awell-designed booklet containing another set of information about the disease in the same period. The rate oflearning derived from the two methods was compared by pre- and post-tests and self-satisfaction assessed by arelevant questionnaire at the end of the program.
Results: The mobile learning method had a significantly bettereffect on learning and created more interest in the subject.
Conclusion: Learning via receiving SMS can be aneffective and appealing method of knowledge acquisition in higher levels of education.