Healthy Lifestyle Changes During the Period Before and After Cancer Diagnosis Among Breast Cancer Survivors


Aims: The purpose of the present study was to investigate healthy lifestyle changes during the period beforeand after breast cancer diagnosis in Taiwan. Materials and
Method: Lifestyle changes during the period beforeand after cancer diagnosis were assessed by convenience sampling with a structured questionnaire for breastcancer survivors.
Results: A total of 235 breast cancer survivors completed the healthy lifestyle scale. The meanvalues before and after breast cancer diagnosis of the participants were 3.27 and 3.73. The final five dimensionsfor the period before breast cancer diagnosis were: had not experienced stress; had exercised; had maintainedsleep quality; had maintained body weight; and had maintained relationships. The final five dimensions for theperiod after breast cancer diagnosis were: sleep quality; had not experienced stress; relationship; had exercised;and had maintained body weight. A paired-t test was applied to examine the differences before and after cancerdiagnosis, revealing that the total average scores of the participants on the healthy lifestyle scale clearly differedstatistically (t= -17.20, p<0.01); and the nine dimensions before and after testing also demonstrate a markedstatistical difference (p<0.01).
Conclusions: These findings are helpful in understanding the healthy lifestylechanges during the period before and after cancer diagnosis among breast cancer survivors. It is expected thatthese results can offer references of self-care for this group of patients.