Comprehensive Study on Associations Between Nine SNPs and Glioma Risk


Aim: Glioma cancer is the most common type of adult brain tumor. Recent genome-wide association studies(GWAS) have identified various new susceptibility regions and here we conducted an extensive analysis ofassociations between 12 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and glioma risk.
Methods: A total of 197glioma cases and 197 health controls were selected, and 9 SNPs in 8 genes were analyzed using the SequenomMassARRAY platform and Sequenom Assay Design 3.1 software.
Results: We found the MAF among selectedcontrols were consistent with the MAF from the NCBI SNP database. Among 9 SNPs in 8 genes, we identifiedfour significant SNP genotypes associated with the risk of glioma, C/C genotype at rs730437 and T/T genotypeat rs1468727 in ERGF were protective against glioma, whereas the T/T genotype at rs1799782 in XRCC1 andC/C genotype at rs861539 in XRCC3 conferred elevated risk.
Conclusion: Our comprehensive analysis of nineSNPs in eight genes suggests that the rs730437 and rs1468727 in ERGF, rs1799782 in XRCC1 gene, and rs861539in XRCC3 gene are associated with glioma risk. These findings indicate that genetic variants of various genesplay a complex role in the development of glioma.