Diabetes Mellitus and Renal Cell Carcinoma - A Hospital Based Study from Kathmandu Valley


Objective: To diagnose renal cell carcinoma at early stages and for better prognosis , the main objectiveof our current study was to understand any association with diabetes with relation to age, gender, history ofdisease, diabetic laboratory parameters, tumor size and grade. Materials and
Methods: This hospital basedstudy was carried out using data retrieved from the register maintained in the Department of Biochemistryof Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences between 1st December, 2011 and 31st May, 2012. The variablescollected were age, gender, HbA1c, serum creatinine, fasting blood glucose. One way ANOVA was applied toexamine statistical significance of differences between groups. The LSD post hoc test was used for the comparisonof means of case groups.
Results: Of the total 140 cases of renal cell carcinoma, 79 patients were also sufferingfrom diabetes mellitus. The number of females (47) was more in diabetic RCC patients when compared to males(32). Significance was observed in levels of serum creatinine for tumor size >10cm (0.0001*). The highest valueof glycated hemoglobin (8.9%) and fasting blood sugar(148.3mg/dl)in cases of renal cell carcinoma along withdiabetes mellitus was found in tumour size of 1-5cm.
Conclusion: Diabetes mellitus has independent prognosticsignificance in RCC in relation to tumour size and grade