Clinical Safety and Efficacy of Kanglaite® (Coix Seed Oil) Injection Combined with Chemotherapy in Treating Patients with Gastric Cancer


Objective: To observe efficacy and side effects, as well as the impact on quality of life, of Kanglaite® (CoixSeed Oil) injections combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer patients.
Method:A consecutive cohort of 60 patients were divided into two groups: the experimental group receiving Kanglaite®Injection combined with chemotherapy and the control group with chemotherapy alone. After more than twocourses of treatment, efficacy, quality of life and side effects were evaluated.
Results: The response rate andKPS score of experimental group were significantly improved as compared with those of the control group(P<0.05). In addition, gastrointestinal reactions and bone marrow suppression were significantly lower than inthe control group (P<0.05).
Conclusions: Kanglaite® Injection enhanced efficacy and reduced the side effects ofchemotherapy, improving quality of life of gastric cancer patients; use of Kanglaite® injections deserves to befurther investigated in randomized control clinical trails.