Awareness Survey on Knowledge of Microbial Infectious Causes of Cancer in Northern State of Sudan


Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the level of cancer awareness after delivering educationalprograms by assessing the awareness in regard to the role of microbial infectious agents in the etiology ofsome cancers. Methodology: Data were collected during Cancer Awareness and Educational Programs whichwere conducted at various places such as schools, clubs, mosques and Government health centres. This surveyincluded 200 participants.
Results: Of the persons who responded to the question, whether some viruses, bacteria,parasites and fungi, can cause cancer, 111/134 (82.8%), 105/129 (81.4%), 102/124 (82.8%) and 95/122 (77.8%),respectively, answered yes.
Conclusion: The level of cancer awareness is low amongst Sudanese northern stateinhabitants even after delivering an educational program.