Knowledge Levels of Turkish Nurses Related to Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Cancer


Background: The aim of this study was to examine knowledge about cancer and early diagnosis of canceramong nurses. Materials and
Method: This descriptive study was carried out at a University Faculty of MedicineHospital in Turkey. Study between April and June, 2011, with 325 volunteer nurses. The collection tool consistedof two survey forms. The first was designed for sociodemographic information and the second consisted of 16questions, prepared in accordance with the literature as open and close-ended, for interviews conducted byresearchers.
Results: Out of the individuals (n=325), included in the study, 90.8% were female, 63.1% highschool-university graduates and 55.1% married, with an average years of service of 6.34±5.33 and an averageage of 28.1±5.10. The mean cancer knowledge point was 70.1±19.5. Some 79.1% of nurses had not receivedcancer related continuing education by specialists. A signified relation was found between the nurse knowledgeon cancer and educational level (p<0.05).
Conclusions: The nurse, a member of the health staff, is in constantcontact with individuals at hospitals, schools, polyclinics, workplaces, and homes. When educating society aboutcancer, nurses need to have a high level of knowledge regarding early diagnosis and cancer prevention.