Parental Knowledge and Attitudes about Human Papilloma Virus in Iran


Infection by human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of common sexually transmitted diseases leading to cervicalcancer. Evaluation of parental knowledge and attitudes toward HPV were aims of present study to provide anappropriate method to decrease burden of this infection on society. During this study, 358 parents were assessedfor knowledge about HPV and its related disorders. Some 76% of parents had no information about HPVinfection and among the informed parents 36% had obtained their information via internet and others fromstudying medical resources. The average score of mothers information about HPV infection was higher thanthat of fathers, and also educational level and age had significant impact on knowledge of parents about HPV.Parent knowledge about the hazards of HPV was higher than their knowledge about modes of transmission.Lack of awareness about HPV infection was high in this study, underlining the urgency of education among alladult people in our society.