Prediction Role of Seven SNPs of DNA Repair Genes for Survival of Gastric Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy


We aimed to investigate DNA repair gene expression of response to chemotherapy among gastric patients,and roles in the prognosis of gastric cancer. A total of 209 gastric cancer patients were included in this studybetween January 2007 and December 2008, all treated with chemotherapy. Polymorphisms were detected by realtime PCR with TaqMan probes, and genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral blood samples. The overallresponse rate was 61.2%. The median progression and overall survivals were 8.5 and 18.7 months, respectively.A significant increased treatment response was found among patients with XPG C/T+T/T or XRCC1 399G/A+A/A genotypes, with the OR (95% CI) of 2.14 (1.15-4.01) and 1.75 (1.04-3.35) respectively. We found XPGC/T+T/T and XRCC1 399 G/A+A/A were associated with a longer survival among gastric cancer patientswhen compared with their wide type genotypes, with HRs and 95% CIs of 0.49 (0.27-0.89) and 0.56 (0.29-0.98)respectively. Selecting specific chemotherapy based on pretreatment genotyping may be an innovative strategyfor further studies.