Prognostic Significance of Circulating Tumor Cells and SerumCA15-3 Levels in Metastatic Breast Cancer, Single CenterExperience, Preliminary Results


Background: Breast cancer is the second leading cancer causing death in women. Circulating tumor cellsare among the prognostic factors while tumor markers are of diagnostic value and can be used for follow-up.The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between the prognostic significance of the serum CA15-3levels, number of circulating tumor cells and histopathological tumor factors. Materials and
Methods: Thirtypatients recently diagnosed with breast cancer were included in the study. Number of circulating tumor cells andserum CA15-3 level were assessed when metastasis was detected and diagnostic value was assessed. Presence ofassociations with estrogen and progesterone receptors, c-erbB2, Ki-67 proliferation index and histological gradewere also evaluated.
Results: Median overall survival of the patients with serum CA15-3 levels of >108 ng/dlwas 19 months whereas for those with a low serum level it was 62 months. Median overall survival for CTC≥5vs CTCConclusions: Prognostic significance of the CTC count and CA15-3 levels in metastaticbreast cancer patients was demonstrated.