hMSH2 and nm23 Expression in Sporadic Colorectal Cancerand its Clinical Significance


Objective: To study the expression of the mismatch repair proteins hMSH2 and nm23 in sporadic colorectalcancer, determine any inter-relationship, and further investigate any clinical significance.
Methods: Expressionof hMSH2 and nm23 proteins was assessed in 87 colorectal cancer tissues by SP immunohistochemistry, withanalysis of survival using follow-up data.
Results: In the sporadic colorectal cancer tissues, nm23 proteinexpression appeared independent of the histological type (P > 0.05), but correlated with the invasion depth andlymphatic metastasis (P < 0.05). In contrast, hMSH2 protein expression was not significantly correlated withthese clinicopathologic features (P > 0.05), although it positively correlated with that of nm23 protein in thesporadic colorectal cancers (rs=0.635, P < 0.05). Combined expression of the two was found to be related withinvasion depth, lymphatic metastasis and prognosis of sporadic colorectal cancer (P < 0.05).
Conclusion: nm23protein level was related with the degree of malignancy, and could be used as an index to predict the invasionand metastasis potential. The expression of hMSH2 protein is positively correlated that of nm23 protein, and thecombined expression of the two has certain guiding significance for the prognosis of sporadic colorectal cancer.