Older Women Breast Cancer Survivors: Decision Making,Sources of Information and Wellness Activities in Malaysia


The purpose of this study щаs to profile older breast cancer survivors in Malaysia. In a survey study, а custommade questionnaire was administered to 69 breast cancer patients and survivors between 60 and 84 years ofage in Peninsular Malaysia. The main ethnic group recorded was Chinese, followed by Malay and Indian. Themajority of women were married (87%) and had children (84.1%). Just over half (53.6%) had primary andsecondary education, whereas 24.7% had higher education. Fifty five percent of the study participants madetheir own decision on treatment, 60.8% exercised at least 3 times in a week, and 56.6% sought informationfrom specialists. Our study suggests that older breast cancer survivors are aware of the importance of exercisein their daily lives and make attempts to be cancer free (e.g. doing exercise, recreational activity and have goodrelationships with friends and family).