Inhibition of Proliferation of Cervical and Leukemic CancerCells by Penicillin G


Cancer, despite all the efforts, still causes one in five deaths worldwide. Surgery, chemotherapy andradiotherapy provide inadequate protection and instead affect normal cells along with cancer cells. The searchfor cancer cures from natural products (plants and animals) has been practice for over a decade and the use ofpurified chemical to treat cancer still continues. Several studies have been undertaken during last three decadesto find the anti-cancerous property of various plant extract and toxins secreted by animals and micro-organism.These lead to the discovery of several promising molecule having anticancer activity, some of which are in clinicaltrial and may emerged to be a potential future drug in cancer therapy. In this study we have used penicillin toevaluate its anti-cancer activity. It shown significant effects at cellular and molecular levels against growth ofHeLa and K562 cell lines.