Update on the APJCP and the APOCP in 2013 - What is Going to be Achieved in the Future


The history of the APOCP/APJCP goes back to 1999 when a number of interested scientists joined togetherto form the organization and to launch a new journal to support cancer prevention research in the Asian-Pacificarea. Since the initial Founding Conference, some six General Assemblies (GAs) and ten Regional Conferences(RCs) and Special Study Sessions have been organized. Already the decisions have been made for two furtherGAs and at least three RCs. As of the April issue of 2013, a total of nearly 3,700 papers have already beenpublished in regular issues of the APJCP or special supplements. With support of the Korean National CancerCenter, housing the Chief Editorial Office, the journal is now including approximately 100 papers a month.Although it experienced a set-back by reduction in the Impact Factor (IF) from 1.29 in 2010 to 0.67 in 2011, thereare good grounds to expect an improvement in 2012. However, the future of the APOCP/APJCP will continueto depend on its membership, making continuous efforts to attend our conferences and submit good qualitymanuscripts. It is particularly important to cite papers in the APJCP wherever possible, if the wish is for an IFcommensurate with our long term aims. In that sense it is up to all authors, since the journal will continue tohave a very positive ploicy towards accepting papers from all countries within the Asian-Pacific, with continue tovaried levels of resources. The editorial team looks forward to your considered support. The APOCP also hopesto see you in person at future meeetings, so that you have a more active voice in deciding the best way forwardin our cooperative enterprise.