Power and Promise of Ubiquitin Carboxyl-terminal Hydrolase 37 as a Target of Cancer Therapy


Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 37 (UCH37, also called UCHL5), a member of the deubiquitinating enzymes, can suppress protein degradation through disassembling polyubiquitin from the distal subunit of the chain. It has been proved that UCH37 can be activated by proteasome ubiqutin chain receptor Rpn13 and incorporation into the 19S complex. UCH37, which has been reported to assist in the mental development of mice, may play an important role in oncogenesis, tumor invasion and migration. Further studies will allow a better understanding of roles in cell physiology and pathology, embryonic development and tumor formation, hopefully providing support for the idea that UCH37 may constitute a new interesting target for the development of anticancer drugs.