Histopathology Analysis of Benign Colorectal Diseases and Colorectal Cancer in Hatyai Hospital, Songkhla, Thailand


Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the western worldand also ranks as the fifth-leading malignancy and death in Thailand. This study aimed to provide a presentoutlook of colorectal diseases among Thai patients with special emphasis on CRC in Hatyai, Songkhla, southernThailand. Materials and
Methods: This retrospective study covered ten year data of CRC, benign colorectaltumors and non-colorectal tumors from the Department of Pathology in Hatyai Hospital, Songkhla, Thailand,between years 2003-2012. Incidence rates based on age, gender, ten year incidence trends, and distribution ofhistopathological characteristics of patients were calculated and demonstrated.
Results: Out of 730 biopsies,100 cases were benign colorectal tumors, 336 were CRC and 294 were non-colorectal tumors. Colorectal tumors(both benign and CRC) (60.1%) were more common than non-colorectal tumors (39.9%). CRC (77.1%) weremore common than benign colorectal tumors (32.9%). Colorectal tumors were mainly found in patients agedover sixty whereas non-colorectal and benign colorectal tumors were found in those under sixty (P=0.01).sAmong CRC, adenocarcinoma contributed about 97.3% of all cases with well differentiated tumors being themost frequent (56.9%). Both benign colorectal tumors and CRC were more commonly found in males (63%)than females (37%). The incidence trend of CRC demonstrated increase from 2003-2012.
Conclusions: Theincidence of CRC increased in Hatyai from 2003-2012. CRC tends to be more common in people older thansixty, thus, screening programs, cost-effective analysis of treatment modalities, and treatment protocols for theelderly should be examined. Proper implementation of preventive measures such as changing lifestyle factorsmight enhance control of colorectal disease.