Survey on Knowledge and Attitudes Related to the Relation between Tobacco, Alcohol Abuse and Cancer in the Northern State of Sudan


Background: The aim of this study was to determine the epidemiology of tobacco smoking, toombak dippingand alcohol consumption as risk factors for cancer in the adult population of the northern state of Sudan.Materials and
Methods: A cross-sectional survey from March to April 2010, covering 963 adults, was performed.
Result: Only 207 had responded, and the male female prevalence was 20.8% and 0.73%. Out of 207 respondents,29.5% had smoked tobacco in their lifetime, 38% were toombak dippers, while 14% were consumers of alcoholicbeverages.
Conclusions: The prevalence of toombak dipping was higher than tobacco smoking among the adultpopulation in the northern state of Sudan. Female participation in tobacco and alcohol related studies was foundto suffer from major obstacles since these habits are considered as social stigma. Appreciation of the full impactof smoking on population health will definitely make a major contribution to improvement of the poor publichealth situation in Sudan.