New APJCP Impact Factor for 2012 is 1.271 - Time to Make a Major Effort to Break Through the 2.0 Barrier


The APJCP Impact Factor for 2012 is 1.271, returning from 0.659 for 2011 (1.240 for 2010 and 1.108 for 2009).For an Asian Pacific journal publishing over 100 papers a month from countries with very varied resources itis heartening and we thank all those who continued to submit papers and cite references in the APJCP throughour difficult period. However, we still have very much room for improvement. As Chief Editors it is our sharedresponsibility to act for the benefit of the cancer control research community who utilize the journal in our regionof over four billion people and provide a prestigious forum for publication of research findings which can befreely shared by all. The motivation for the APOCP/APJCP has never been financial profit but a firm financialbase is nevertheless essential. Although we have kind support from the Korean National Cancer Center for ourManaging Editor and the website, our ability to maintain our Chinese and Thai offices is totally dependent onthe processing charges paid by the authors. In order to expand our staff to cope with increased submissionsand provide greater assistance in ensuring comprehensive reference coverage and dissemination of findingspublished in the APJCP to the worldwide research community, a joint decision has been made to increaseformatting charges by 50% from July. We ask for author understanding. In addition, we appeal to scientiststo positively consider our requests to make their reference lists as comprehensive as possible, including papersfrom the APJCP where appropriate. The future of the journal and the APOCP is largely in your own hands.