Occupational Cancers with Chemical Exposure and their Prevention in Korea: A Literature Review


The usage and types of chemicals being developed, with diversified new exposure of workers, are of naturalconcern to occupational disease. In Korea, with industrialization, application of many chemicals has increased.A large proportion of mortality and disease is due to cancer, and the causal hazardous agents include chemicalagents, like heavy metals and so on. Due to the long latency period with malignancies and the fact they areusually found after workers’ retirement, it is suggested that management policies must be established to preventoccupational cancers occurring among workers in Korea. To give a general description about the efforts toprevent the occupational cancer with exposure to chemicals, articles on the trends of occupational cancerswere reviewed and summarized with related research and efforts for prevention in Korea. It is important toimprove the understanding of occupational cancer and help to maintain sustainable and appropriate measuresto guarantee workers safety and health.