Cancer Incidence in Jordan from 1996 to 2009 - A Comprehensive Study


Background: Cancer is a major health problem facing the entire world, and Jordan is no exception. However,patterns of cancer incidence and cancer burden in Jordan have never been explored thoroughly, and the aim ofthis study was to close this knowldege gap. Materials and
Methods: The study was based on data obtained fromthe Jordan cancer registry from 1996 to 2009. All cancer cases that were diagnosed during the study period wereregistered and included in this study.
Results: A total of 51,626 cases were registered in Jordan during the 14- yearperiod. The incidence rate showed no significant increase in males (percent change PC 6.8%), while in females amarked increase was observed (PC 14.8%). The major cancer sites for males were bronchus and lung, colorectal,bladder, leukemia and prostate. In females, the leading cancer sites were breast, colorectal, leukemia, thyroidand NHL.
Conclusions: Compared to other countries in the region, Jordan has comparable rates. On the otherhand the rates of cancer are markedly lower in Jordan compared to more industrialized countries such as theUS and Europe. There was an overall increase in the incidence of cancer in Jordan, especially among females,which stresses the need for programs to raise awareness on the importance of early diagnosis and preventivelife style measures.