Human Papillomavirus Genotypes Associated with Mucopurulent Cervicitis and Cervical Cancer in Hangzhou, China


Background: To investigate the infection status and predominant genotype distribution of humanpapillomavirus (HPV) infection among Chinese patients with mucopurulent cervicitis (MPC) or cervical cancer(CC) in Hangzhou.
Methods: Initially, 217 cases of healthy cervix controls (n=50), acute MPC (n=89), and CC(n=78) were included; samples were collected between January 1, 2010, and January 30, 2013. Cervical specimenswere screened for HPV using a nested polymerase chain reaction assay and DNA sequencing.
Results: Overallprevalence of HPV infection was 16.7% in the control group, 51.9% in the MPC group, and 84.4% in the CCgroup. The predominant genotype detected in all 3 groups was the oncogenic variant HPV 16 (55.8%, 17.3%,and 6.3% in the CC, MPC and control specimens, respectively), HPV58 was the second most predominant HPVtype in CC (9.1%), MPC (8.6%), and control group (4.2%). Most or all of the genotypes were oncogenic in thethree groups.
Conclusions: Infection with HPV was found to be prevalent among Chinese women with MPC orCC and oncogenic variants were in the majority. Therefore, peoples who suffered MPC with HPV DNA positiveshould be regularly followed-up, for prevention and early treatment of cervical cancer.