Malignant Tumours of the Central Nervous System in Kazakhstan - Incidence Trends from 2004-2011


In the article were observed the epidemiological aspects of malignant tumors of the central nervous system(MT CNS) in Kazakhstan in a retrospective study for the years 2004-2011. The material of the study wasconsolidated accounting data of oncology centers on patients with MT CNS (C70-72) with first time establisheddiagnosis. Calculated were crude, age, standardized (world standard), aligned and predicted incidence of MTCNS among both male and female populations. It was found that over the studied period, there were 4,604 casesof MT CNS. The average annual crude incidence rate of MT CNS in total population was 3.7±0.10/0000. Trends inaligned incidence rates in the whole country had a tendency to increase (T=+0.9%). Defined levels of morbidityMT CNS in the whole population in different regions of Kazakhstan: low up to 2.870/0000, the average from 2.87to 4.450/0000 and high from 4.450/0000 and above on the basis of which was given the space-time estimate. Age andsex differences in MT CNS incidence were also clearly established