Overview of Cancer Registration Research in the Asian Pacific from 2008-2013


Cancer registration provides a firm basis for cancer control efforts and research into changing patternsof incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence is of obvious importance. Most of the countries of Asia havealready published relevant data although the level of coverage and accuracy do vary a great deal both betweenand within countries. The present review concerns the relevant literature for the period 2008-2013, focusingon the types of research conducted and the conclusions that can be drawn with regard to what should be donein the future to translate the information available into effective intervention efforts to reduce the burden ofdisease. A major emphasis has been on determining variation in incidence and mortality/survival on the basisof ethnicity and socioeconomic as well as geographical background, as well as trends over time, either for cancerin general or specific organ sites. In addition a small number of papers focused on methodological, quality andcancer control issues, very pertinent to the future development of cancer registry based research.