Phase II Study on Javanica Oil Emulsion Injection (Yadanzi®) Combined with Chemotherapy in Treating Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma


Purpose: To investigate the efficacy and safety of Javanica oil emulsion injection (Yadanzi®) combinedwith pemetrexed and platinum (PP) for treating patients with advanced lung cancer. Patients and
Methods:From June 2011 to June 2013, we recruited 58 patients with advanced lung cancer, and divided them into twogroups. Twenty eight patients received Yadanzi® (from ZheJiang Jiuxu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) togetherwith PP chemotherapy (combined group), while the others were given only PP chemotherapy (control group).After two cycles of treatment, efficacy and safety of treatment were evaluated.
Results: The overall responserate [(CR+PR+SD)/(CR+PR+SD+PD)] of the combined group was higher than that of control group (89.7% vs.86.2%, p>0.05). Regarding rate of life improvement, it was 82.8% in combined group, and 51.7% in the controlgroup (p<0.05). In terms of side effects, leukopenia in combined group was less frequent than that in controlgroup (p<0.05). More patients in the control group were found to suffer liver toxicity.
Conclusions: Javanica oilemulsion injection combined with chemotherapy could be considered as a safe and effective regimen in treatingpatients with advanced lung adenocarcinoma. It can improve the quality of life and reduce the possibility ofleukopenia. Further clinical trials with a large sample size should be conducted to confirm whether addition ofYadanzi® to chemotherapy could increase the response rate, reduce toxicity, enhance tolerability and improvequality of life for patients with advanced lung cancer.