Breast Self Examination Practice and Breast Cancer Risk Perception among Female University Students in Ajman


Breast cancer is the top cancer in women worldwide and its incidence is increasing, particularly in developingcountries. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), many cases are first diagnosed in later stages and at youngerage compared to those seen in developed countries. Early detection in order to improve breast cancer outcomeand survival remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. Performance of breast self examination is one ofthe important steps for identifying breast disease at an early stage, by the woman herself. No information hashitherto been available about the frequency of this practice among female university students in UAE or abouttheir breast cancer risk perception and therefore the present study was conducted in Ajman. It was found that22.7% of the participants practiced BSE but only 3% of them practiced BSE monthly. Marital status but notage as significantly associated with age likelihood. The most frequent reported barriers for BSE were lack ofknowledge, considering oneself not at risk and the absence of doctor advice. These factors need to be taken intoaccount in intervention efforts.