Audit of Cancer Patients from Eastern Uttar Pradesh (UP), India: A University Hospital Based Two Year Retrospective Analysis


Background: A retrospective analysis of all cancer patients attending the radiotherapy outpatient department(OPD) of a single unit during the period of January 2005 till December 2006 was conducted to know thegeographical distribution and incidence of the most common cancers, their stage of presentation, treatmentcompliance among the patients and follow-up. Materials and
Methods: A total of 4,484 patients were registeredin the Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University during the period of January 2005- December2006; of which 1,975 registered in an individual unit were included for the retrospective analysis.
Results: Mostof the patients hailed from the various districts of UP and Bihar. Females outnumbered males with a ratio of1.33:1. Females mostly belonged to the age group of 40-59 years; whilst males were a decade older. Major cancersites in females were cervix and breast followed by head and neck. Leading cancer sites in males were head andneck, brain, bone, soft tissue and lung. Most of the cases presented in advanced stage of disease (74%). Squamouscell carcinoma was the most common histopathology (56%). A significant proportion of patients defaulted afterundergoing preliminary investigations (16%). Only 53.9% of females and 58.5% of males took treatment out ofwhich 68% and 63% completed the prescribed treatment. Compliance with follow-up was poor.
Conclusions: Theoutcome of this study will significantly help us to define region specific strategies needed for cancer managementin eastern Uttar Pradesh.