BCRP Expression in VX2 Rabbit Liver Tumours and its Effects on Tumour Recurrence, Metastasis and Treatment Tolerability


Objective: This study aimed to investigate the effects of BCRP expression on tumor recurrence, metastasisand treatment tolerability.
Methods: A VX2 rabbit liver tumor model was established. Division was randomlyinto 4 groups: namely saline control group; A group, given hydration lipiodol; B group, Ad-p53; and C group,Ad-p53+hydration lipiodol. After the intervention, samples were collected to detect the BCRP, MMP-2, VEGFand PCNA.
Results: The expression of BCRP, MMP-2, PCNA and VEGF in tumors in Group A had no significantdifference when compared with the control group, while in B and C group, the values were significantly lower(P < 0.05). BCRP positive expression in metastatic lesions significantly increased (P < 0.05), and was correlatedwith MMP-2 (X2=6.172, P = 0.0131).
Conclusions: BCRP may play an important role in mediating liver cancermultidrug resistance to chemotherapy, and may be correlated with tumor recurrence and metastasis, whichleads to weakened treatment effect. Ad-P53 can down-regulate the expression of related genes, playing a role inmultidrug resistance reversal and increased sensitivity in liver cancer treatment.