Mexican Breast Cancer Research Output, 2003-2012


The objetive of this study was to explore a bibliometric approach to quantitatively assess current researchtrends with regard to breast cancer in Mexico. Articles were analyzed by scientific output and researchperformances of individuals, institutes, and collaborative countries with Mexico. Data were retrieved from theWeb of Science database from 2003 to 2012; this was searched using different terms related to breast cancer,including “breast cancer”, “mammary ductal carcinoma” and “breast tumour”. Data were then extracted fromeach file, transferred to Excel charts and visualised as diagrams. A total of 256 articles were retrieved. Theinstitutions with the majority of publications were the National Autonomous University of Mexico (22.3%), theNational Institute of Cancerology (21.9%), and Social Security Mexican Institute (20.3%); clinical observationstudies were the dominant investigation type (64%), and the main types of research were metabolics (24.2%) andpathology (21.5%). This article demonstrates the usefulness of bibliometrics to address key evaluation questionsand to establish priorities, define future areas of research, and develop breast cancer control strategies in Mexico.