Risk Factors of Breast Cancer in Kyzylorda Oblast of Kazakhstan: a Case-Control Study


Background: Breast cancer in Kazakhstan and its Kyzylorda oblast is the most prevalent cancer in womenand features increasing trends of incidence. The aim of study was to reveal risk factors for breast cancer amongwomen of Kyzylorda oblast of Kazakhstan. Materials and
Methods: A hospital-based case-control study wasconducted at Kyzylorda oblast Oncology Center, including 114 cases of breast cancer and 196 controls. Binarylogistic regression analysis was performed.
Results: Social and behavioral risk factors for breast cancer wereevaluated, among which unfavorable living conditions, chronic stress, unilateral breastfeeding, breastfeeding lessthan 3 months and over 2 years, abortions, and hereditary predisposition were found to be related with increasedbreast cancer risk. Breastfeeding for 6-24 months was found to be protective.
Conclusions: The findings may havesignificant impact on activity planning aimed towards breast cancer reduction among women in Kazakhstan.