Profile of Lung Cancer in Kuwait


Background: Lung cancer is the most frequent cancer in males and the fourth most frequent site in females,worldwide. This study is the first to explore the profile of lung cancer in Kuwait. Materials and
Methods: Casesof primary lung cancer (Kuwaiti) in Kuwait cancer Registry (KCR) were grouped in 4 periods (10 years each)from 1970-2009. Epidemiological measures; age standardized incidence rate (ASIR) with 95% confidence intervals(CI), Standardized rate ratio (SRR) and Cumulative risk and Forecasting to year 2020-2029 used for analysis.
Results: Between years, 2000-2009 lung cancer ranked the 4th and the 9th most frequent cancer in males andfemales respectively. M:F ratio 1:3. Mean age at diagnosis (95%CI) was 65.2 (63.9-66.4) years. The estimatedrisk of developing lung cancer before the age of 75 years in males is 1.8% (1/56), and 0.6 (1/167) in females. TheASIR for male cases was 11.7, 17.1, 17.0, 14.0 cases/100,000 population in the seventies, eighties, nineties and in2000-2009 respectively. Female ASIR was 2.3, 8.4, 5.1, 4.4 cases/100,000 population in the same duration. Lungcancer is the leading cause cancer death in males 168 (14.2%) and the fifth cause of death due to cancer in femalesaccounting for 6.1% of all cancer deaths. The ASMR (95%CI) was 8.1 (6.6-10.0) deaths/100,000 population and2.8 (1.3-4.3) deaths/100,000 population in males and females respectively. The estimated Mortality to incidenceRatio was 0.6.
Conclusions: The incidence of lung cancer between years 2000-2009 is not different from thatreported in the seventies. KCR is expecting the number of lung cancer cases to increase.