Does Sunlight Exposure Improve Survival in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer?


Background: Some epidemiological studies reported that sunlight exposure and highvitamin D levels maydecrease the morbidity and mortality related to cancer. We aimed to evaluate whether sunlight exposure has animpact on survival in patients with non small cell lung cancer. Materials and
Methods: A total of 546 patientswith NSCLC from two different regions (Kayseri and Adana) differing according to sunlight exposure wereanalysed retrospectively.
Results: The median overall survival (OS) rates were 11. 6 (CI: 9.50-13.6) and 15.6months (CI: 12.4-18.8) for Kayseri and Adana, respectively, in all patients (p=0.880).
Conclusions: There wereno differences between groups in terms of OS. While there is strong evidence regarding inverse relationshipbetween cancer incidence and sunlight exposure, it is still controversial whether sunlight exposure is a goodprognostic factor for survival in patients with lung cancer.