Health Risk Behavior of Romanian Adults having Relatives with Cancer


This study aimed to assess body features, and alimentary and lifestyle behavior related to cancer preventionamong Romanian adults having relatives with cancer. The study was performed in 2010/2011 in an oncologicalhospital in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It involved 320 adults who had relatives with cancer. An anonymousquestionnaire was filled in by each participants; their weights and heights were measured and body mass index(BMI) was calculated, 56.6% of the participants having a value higher than 24.9. Almost all subjects ate less than400g of fruits and vegetables daily and 56% of the participants consumed more than 500 g of red meat weekly.One quarter of the study sample was performing less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily. Some28.1% of the subjects were smokers. These data call for comprehensive actions to help Romanian cancer patientrelatives to respect the recommendations regarding healthy lifestyle promotion and cancer prevention. Healthprofessionals should periodically assess body composition and lifestyle components of adults who have relativeswith cancer in order to identify unhealthy behavior and offer them personalized education and counseling.