Lack of Assocation of Glutathione S-transferase T1 Gene Null and Susceptibility to Lung Cancer in China: a Meta-analysis


Background: Variation in metabolic genes is regarded as an important factor in processes leading to cancer.However, the effect of GSTT1 null genotype is divergent in the form of lung cancer.
Methods: Studies wereconducted at different research databases from 1990 to 2013 and the total odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidenceinterval (CI) were calculated for lung cancer. Review Manager 5.2 and STATE 12 are employed.
Results: TotalOR value is calculated from 17 articles with 2,118 cases and 2,915 controls. We discovered no significant increasein lung cancer risk among subjects carrying GSTT1 null genotype [OR = 1.15; 95% CI 0.97-1.36] in this metaanalysis.
Conclusion: The GSTT1 deletion polymorphism does not have a significant effect on the susceptibilityto lung cancer overall in China.