Lack of any Association between Insertion/Deletion (I/D) Polymorphisms in the Angiotensin-converting Enzyme Gene and Digestive System Cancer Risk: a Meta-analysis


Objective: To investigate the association between the gene polymorphisms of angiotensin-converting enzyme(ACE) and digestive system cancer risk.
Method: A search was performed in Pubmed, Medline, ISI Web ofScience and Chinese Biomedical (CBM) databases, covering all studies until Sep 1st, 2013. Statistical analysiswas performed by using Revman5.2 and STATA 12.0.
Results: A total of 15 case-control studies comprising 2,390digestive system cancer patients and 9,706 controls were identified. No significant association was found betweenthe I/D polymorphism and digestive cancer risk (OR =0.93, 95%CI = (0.75, 1.16), P =0.53 for DD+DI vs. II). Inthe subgroup analysis by ethnicity and cancer type, no significant associations were found for the comparisonof DD+DI vs. II. Results from other comparative genetic models also indicated a lack of associations betweenthis polymorphism and digestive system cancer risks.
Conclusions: This meta-analysis suggested that the ACED/I polymorphism might not contribute to the risk of digestive system cancer.