Expression and Effects of JMJD2A Histone Demethylase in Endometrial Carcinoma


Previous studies have demonstrated that JMJD2A is a potential oncogene and is overexpressed in humantumors. However, its role in the endometrial carcinoma remains largely unknown. In this study, we discoveredthat JMJD2A was overexpressed in endometrial carcinoma, using immunohistochemistry, quantitative realtimepolymerase chain reaction, and western blotting. Downregulation of JMJD2A led to reduced endometrialcarcinoma RL95-2 and ISK cell proliferation, invasion and metastasis as asessed with cell counting kit-8, cellmigration and invasive assays. Collectively, our results support that JMJD2A is a promoter of endometrialcarcinoma cell proliferation and survival, and is a potential novel drug target.