Association of the Cylin D1 G870A Polymorphism with Laryngeal Cancer: Are they Really Related?


Background: Cylin D1(CCDN1) is an important regulator of the cell cycle whose alterations are thoughtto be involved in cancer development. There have been many studies indicating CCDN1 amplification or overexpressionin a variety of cancer types. In addition to gene amplification, the G870A polymorphism may berelated with altered CCDN1 activity, and therefore with cancer development. This hypothesis has been testedin different cancer types but results have been contradictory. We therefore aimed to investigate any relationshipbetween CCDN1 A870G genotypes and laryngeal squamous cell cancer development and progression. Materialsand
Methods: A total of 68 Turkish patients with primary laryngeal squamous cell cancer and 133 healthycontrols were enrolled. Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis was usedto determine the CCDN1 genotypes.
Results: No significant association was detected between CCDN1 genotypesand laryngeal squamous cell cancer (LxSCCa) development. Similarly CCDN1 genotypes were not related toclinical parameters of Lx SCCa. However, there was a very significant association between CCDN1 G alleleand presence of perineural invasion (p= 0.003; OR: 1.464; CI% 1.073-1.999). CCDN1 G allele frequency wassignificantly higher in the individuals with perineural invasion (85.7%) when compared to those without (58.5%).The 2 patients who died of disease were both found to possess the GG genotype.
Conclusions: These resultspose a controversy in suggesting a protective role of the G allele against LxSCCa development and support theassociation of CCDN1 gene GG genotype with mortality in patients with LxSCCa.