Effect of Direct Education on Breast Self Examination Awareness and Practice among Women in Bolu, Turkey


Aims: To evaluate breast self examination (BSE) practice and the effect of a training program conducted byhealthcare professionals on BSE. Materials and
Methods: Women were randomized into control and test groupswith both groups completing a questionnaire and three independent interviews where their BSE practices wereevaluated.
Results: In all, 39.5% of the participants were previously provided information on BSE by healthcareprofessionals while 25.8% had no knowledge of BSE prior to enrollment. Compared to those informed about BSEthrough other means such as television, radio, and the internet, the scores of the first, second, and third visitswere higher (p<0.05) in individuals who received BSE education from healthcare professionals and hospitals.
Conclusions: BSE training provided by healthcare professionals may increase early breast cancer diagnosis andtreatment rates by improving BSE awareness and practice.